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People struggle everyday to find a steady job and a place to live. I’m committed to working with businesses so they know that Queens is open for business and that we have a talented workforce here in our borough. We've already brought 400 good paying, union jobs like those Bartlett Dairy back to Queens, we must continue to do so. And as our small businesses struggle, I’ll continue to fight for measures like commercial rent control so that they don't have to fight to survive, but are able to thrive here.


We need to fight for tenants rights like rent regulations and vacancy decontrol so that people are able to continue to call Queens home. High rents are pushing people out and making our city unlivable, I’ll fight to put an end to the practices that have contributed to that. Too often I’ve seen residents have to battle landlords in court without legal representation, we must ensure that there is funding to housing court attorneys available. I’m also committed to ensuring that NYCHA cleans up its act and makes the necessary investments into its collapsing infrastructure. Residents do not deserve to be subjected to the decrepit conditions that we constantly see reported.

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