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As Borough President, I’ll fight for everyone who uses public transportation, because whether it’s delays on the subway or a lack of access to bus service, the MTA has let down hard working commuters. Everyday, I speak with Queens residents who rely on public transportation and who find themselves waiting on platforms or walking long long distances to find a bus stop. I promise to hold the MTA accountable and ensure that investments are in our infrastructure. We need trains that run on time, and that requires long term investment to fix signals and tracks, something that I will continue to advocate for. I’ll also work to find new ways to deliver public transportation options to those who have previously been left stranded by a lack of bus or train service. I've advocated for bike sharing programs to help bridge the gap for those communities that lack public transportation. For those who bike, there must be more protections put in place, like protected bike lanes and stronger laws for those who drive recklessly and put bikers at risk.

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